you are my only one ♥

you are a pain in a butt sometimes yes you are but still , i love you . man that sucks this love is hard but its real . i'm already getting used with your attitude ==' and hell yeah ! whathaheck , i'm the one who want it this way , so whether i like it or not . i have to accept you for you're trully is . BOY , you're seriously making me crazier about you day by day , they dont know how much i love you . all the arguements that we had before just make me realized how much you do love me , i dont know how to expressed my feeling towards you , but all i know is , that my feeling are true and thats just for you bie : ) forever and ever , its just you that i wanted , and it will always be . goossshhh ! you're the sweetest thing that ever i love , i'm thankfull for what i've had now and there's absolutely nothing you all can do to get us seperated . NOTHING ! got that bitch ? duhh . i've also made a mistake once , same as you do .. a BIG mistake , but you still love me and i still love you . thats what matters : ) i know they've try HARD to tear us apart , but they cant do us nothing , youre the one i want , im gonna keep on continue in loving you and hell yeah ! i dont care what they said , im still gonna be with you . the things we've been through together , you are everything in my life , see the joy you bring aint no one i compare you to : )

for THE dearest boy i fall in love with for the past 10 months ,
i hope this relationship gonna keep on happening : )
thanks for being MINE , and for all that you've ever done for me ,
im glad to be yours , ILOVEYOU bie

domo-kun ♥